Education 2020 Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Education 2020 Login:


An Easy to Follow List of Steps to Login to Your Education 2020 Account (Both Student and Educator versions are Provided):1. Type or Copy-paste the following link into your web browser address bar: Students go to:
while Educators go to: You can click these links directly if you don't feel like typing or copy/pasting.
2. In the middle of your screen, for both types of accounts, you will see a white text box next to "Username". Type your username in the white text box.
3. Just below you'll find a white text box next to "Password".  In that text box, type your password.
4. Lastly, you will click the blue "Login" button just under the password text box in order to finalize your login.


Still Not Able to Sign In? Check to See if Resetting Your Login Credentials is an Option:
It may be possible that Education 2020 has one of the least user friendly login pages. Why? Because there is no link to click if you forget your username or password.  Even after you've entered what you thought was your username and password and receive an error message for a failed login attempt, there's no link to a password reset or hint, or anything.  In this rare case, our suggestion to you is to contact Edgenuity directly so a representative can give personal assistance.


Need Technical Support for Password Maintanance or Other Issues that Need to be Resolved?  That's Okay, Just Contact Education 2020 Directly via Edgenuity:

Submit Inquiry via Web Form


Telephone Support- 877.202.0338 ext. 3

Write a Letter
7303 E. Earll Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 852

Email -

The Education 2020 Login process is likely to go through updates or technical problems in the future, just like any website.  So make sure you bookmark this Login article so you can check back often.  We try to keep you updated with the most relevant instructions.